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Holiday Elk
11/13/2013 Gail Ridings
On Thursday, November 14, you're invited to visit TallGrass

Chuck and Gail at Hospital
11/08/2013 Gail Ridings
Chuck and I spent Halloween at a local hospital.

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10/08/2013 Gail Ridings
The flood in parts of northern Colorado and right here on Upper Bear Creek Road was – and still is – astonishing.

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09/05/2013 Gail Ridings
In all my 18 years in Evergreen, I've never seen such a lush, green landscape in early September.

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08/10/2013 Gail Ridings
Focus on gratitude for what you have

Big Henry with Little Henry
07/09/2013 Gail Ridings
Meet Big Henry and Little Henry

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06/07/2013 Gail Ridings
My husband and I are blessed to live in Evergreen for many reasons, but one of the most important is the close knit community.

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05/08/2013 Gail Ridings
So full of fresh promise

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04/06/2013 Gail Ridings
We're all doing it. Unless you're 20 and anxiously waiting for that next year to roll around, most of us are not too thrilled about getting older.

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03/08/2013 Gail Ridings
Chuck and I just came back from a "trip -of-a-lifetime" experience in Tanzania.