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Finding Gratitude in the Midst of Tragedy
10/08/2013 Gail Ridings
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The flood in parts of northern Colorado and right here on Upper Bear Creek Road was – and still is – astonishing. We were so fortunate to have only minor flooding from water that rushed down the hill behind our building and seeped into our laundry room. The creek across the road spilled over its banks putting the entire meadow under water but did not reach across the road to TallGrass. Tarah Howard, our incredible Spa Director who was here on that fateful Friday, the 13th, (she lives nearby and could get here fairly easily), said there were kayakers paddling in the lake that formed across the street. I was driving back from Santa Fe in the pouring rain, hurrying to get to TallGrass and assess the situation. 


TallGrass was closed for four days and there were two more days without phone or internet which frustrated many guests and team members and exhausted the few people who were here taking care of all the issues. But, it could have been so much worse. 


Our hearts and prayers go out to the thousands of people who experienced devastation and loss from this horrific and unexpected flood. Wildfires, while equally destructive, are something we have come to expect. But, a flood in September? Upper Bear Creek is usually a narrow, low level creek this time of year, not a raging river. As of today, the waters have receded from our valley and from other areas, but it will take months and even years for the clean up.


The silver lining in this dark cloud is watching neighbors, friends and strangers pull together to help each other. We just hosted an event in the barn at our ranch to help horse and livestock owners get hay to their animals – to replace the hay that they lost in the flood. There are so many ways to help and I hope that you’ve found your own method to contribute. 


We have witnessed history this past month. I am very grateful to our team, especially Tarah, for pulling together during our own flooding issues and hope that you, too, can find gratitude in the midst of tragedy.