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Focus on Gratitude
08/10/2013 Gail Ridings
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 One month after I was given the go-ahead to resume golfing, horseback riding and a regular workout schedule after my rotator cuff surgery last November, I jumped bareback (stupidly) on my new horse and fell off, landing on the same shoulder. An MRI confirmed that I re-injured the exact same tendon. My doctor advises surgery again.  Wahhhhhhhh! Another six months of immobility.


All right, I admit it. I have been sitting on the pity pot. So, my friend gave me great advice: Focus on gratitude for what you do have!  (Why is it that we already KNOW this stuff, but forget so easily?) And that reminded me of AA’s slogan: One day at a time.  I can’t count how many times these two platitudes have helped me remain positive. 


Speaking of gratitude and enjoying the moment, it’s been a glorious summer with rain coming most afternoons. This morning, the drive to work on Upper Bear Creek Road was exquisite – gorgeous green grasses and wildflowers, deer grazing by the side of the road, a beautiful sunrise. TallGrass is humming along with our amazingly talented team and gracious, relaxed guests. My family and friends are doing well. Everyone is happy and healthy. My father’s 85th birthday is next week and he still goes to the gym twice a week to lift weights!


Life is good. We hope you’ll agree. Why not celebrate by enjoying a perfect day here in our incredible TallGrass valley very soon!