Each of our highly skilled therapists have a unique style in the art of massage. Our talented team can provide healing and stress relief, rejuvenation and relaxation, and everything in between. Choose from our unique list of massage options and prepare for a completely customized, out-of-the ordinary experience! 

Your choice of Aromatherapy essential oil is included in all our massages. 

Service Elevations

Adding a Service Elevation to your treatment enhances your experience in many ways. An Elevation can provide extra relaxation, greater healing, increased pain relief, improved appearance, or all of the above!

Please enjoy one Service Elevation per 50-minute treatment, up to two per 65-minute treatment, and up to three per 80-minute treatment.

  • Back Scrub — exfoliate, hydrate, refresh - $15
  • Himalayan Salt Stones— balance, detoxify, relax - $25
  • CBD — pain relieving, muscle soothing, cooling - $25
  • Apricot Oil Scalp Massage — moisturizing, aromatic, relaxing - $20
  • Stress Relief Foot Treatment — balancing, releasing, grounding - $20
  • Cupping - relax, repair, renew - $35 **Must be booked in advance**

Colorado Recovery Massage

Experience the ultimate in muscle relief with this full body massage focused on recovery and detox. This firm to deep tissue treatment is perfect for pain relief due to previous injuries, surgeries, and everyday wear and tear from our active Colorado lifestyles. A combination of techniques including sports massage, cupping, a thermal back masque, and your choice of CBD or Arnica releases sore muscles, increases blood flow, and improves flexibility, all while reducing inflammation. This signature massage will leave you feeling relaxed and restored.

80 minutes | $190 M-Th | $200 F-Su

TallGrass Tango

The TallGrass Tango side-by-side massage is a great way to enjoy TallGrass together. In the privacy of our secluded Sage Room Suite -- warming fireplace in winter, soft natural light and birdsongs in summer -- two people are massaged in the same room, at the same time. The Tango can be a 65-minute or 80-minute massage, performed in your choice of therapeutic or aromatherapy techniques, and includes a hydrating back scrub. Our Tango, followed by a complimentary private steam*, is the perfect way to celebrate anniversaries, Valentine's Day, or turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary one!

2 people | 65 minutes | $325 M-Th | $345 F-Su
2 people | 80 minutes | $355 M-Th | $375 F-Su

Himalayan Hydration Massage

Relish the aroma of Eminence’s Apricot Oil perfectly paired with this custom massage. After enjoying a full body massage, where salt stones are used on the back, neck and shoulders, you'll be wrapped in a cozy blanket while an Apricot Oil scalp treatment and a foot masssage with stones is performed. You'll detox and melt away tension with this ultra-relaxing treatment. 

80 minutes | $200 M-Th | $205 F-Su

Integrative Massage

This full body massage is tailored to meet your needs for each session and can be designed to aid injury recovery and pain relief, or relaxation and stress relief. Choose the pressure that is just right for you. Your massage can be Deep Tissue or Swedish and can be enhanced with Service Elevations to bring your experience to the next level.

50 minutes | $150 M-Th | $160 F-Su
65 minutes | $165 M-Th | $175 F-Su
80 minutes | $185 M-Th | $195 F-Su

Salt Stone Rebalancing Massage

Feel an amazing sense of renewal and well-being when 100% pure, hand-carved Himalayan salt stones are warmed and massaged over the body. Skin is lightly exfoliated while the stones harmonize and revitalize, gently soothing away stress and tension. This is a simply sublime experience that can improve sleep and circulation, relieve anxiety, and deliver a myriad of health benefits while bringing the mind, body and spirit into balance.

80 minutes | $195 M-Th |$205 F-Su

Chakra Balancing Treatment

In this centering body treatment energy work is performed on all Chakras to help bring physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies into balance. Aromatic essential oils and the placement of Chakra stones along the body allow for the energy channels to be opened and cleansed. A targeted deep tissue massage along the spinal muscles decreases stress and muscular tension, and increases energy.

80 minutes | $185 M-Th | $195 F-Su .

SweetGrass Massage

Our signature SweetGrass massage rejuvenates, relieves stress and eases tension. This full body massage is customized according to your preference, and includes a hydrating back scrub and comforting eye compresses, awakening you to a sense of complete harmony.

80 minutes | $190 M-Th | $200 F-Su

Pre-natal Massage

This nurturing, calming massage is an all-natural way to soothe some of the difficult symptoms of pregnancy. Beneficial throughout the childbearing year, it relieves low back discomfort, supports ligament changes, eases water retention, improves circulation and speeds the healing process. We use body pillows for support and comfort. Pre-Natal massage is always performed using light pressure, Swedish techniques for the safety of mother and baby.

*First trimester pre-natal massages may require a doctor's note of approval.

50 minutes | $145M-Th | $155 F-Su
65 minutes | $160 M-Th | $170 F-Su

Tension Tamer

You're in good hands. Just tell us what you need. Let us help you relax with a mini-massage that concentrates on the areas where stress affects you the most. It's the best 35 minutes you can give yourself!

Series are available for all massage treatments. Purchase five massages and get the sixth massage free.

35 minutes | $105 M-Th | $115 F-Su
Add Himalayan Salt Stones $15