Cut and Style

Begin your experience with a thorough consultation and a stress-relieving shampoo. Then, work with your stylist to create a look designed to complement your face, personality, and maintenance needs. Most cuts are scheduled for 45 minutes. However, some hair types such as thicker, longer, or more textured require additional time and care which will be reflected in the service price. 

Women | $65 ~ $105
Men | $45 ~ $75
Thermal styling +15 minutes | $15
Long, thick hair +15 minutes | $15

Color Services

Do you want luminous, fade-resistant color that is up to 96% naturally derived and essentially damage-free? Aveda full-spectrum hair color has you covered.  From permanent hair color services to glossing treatments, it’s hair color customized just for you. Get beautiful, personalized results every time.

Color Retouch

The perfect service for those who need to upkeep their base color! Works best for those who come every 4 to 6 weeks for maintenance or to cover grey. The starting price for this color application covers up to an inch of outgrowth. More than an inch of outgrowth will require more color bowls at $15 per bowl. 

$80 ~ $120

Highlights | Lowlights with Gloss

Make your hair shimmer and shine with highlights, or add depth with lowlights. Each of these is great on its own, and even better together. With a personalized consultation you and your stylist can decide what best suits your needs. This service finishes with a glossing treatment for added shine and softness.

Partial | $130 ~ $170

with haircut $175 ~ $265

Full | $150 ~ $190

with haircut $195 ~ $285

Balayage with Gloss

French for “to sweep and paint,” this artistic color application service provides a beautiful, gradiated effect, while creating a more natural, less noticeable regrowth line allowing for extended time between visits. This service finishes with a glossing treatment for added shine and softness.

Partial | $160 ~ $220

with haircut $205 ~ $295

Full | $180 ~ $240

with haicut $225 ~ $315

Men's Express Grey Blending

If you have some grey but don't want to cover it completely this service will do the trick. Expertly blended, you'll end up with thicker looking hair, less grey, and a natural finished look. Lasts 3 to 4 weeks. 

$30 | with cut $75 ~ $105

Express Botanical Treatment

This Aveda hair treatment moisturizes and improves dry hair by 86% in just 5 minutes with the power of certified organic Buriti oil. This oil soothes dry and damaged hair and provides moisture for the scalp. The high presence of beta-carotenes in Buriti oil promotes healthy hair growth and the oleic acid is great for adding a natural sheen to hair. Add to hair service!


Corrective Color

If you are struggling with some less than desirable hair color results, corrective color can help. While we strive to meet your needs in one step, the integrity of your hair is our number one priority. Corrective color requires a thorough consultation, and may require more than one appointment. Rest assured we will get you back to beautiful. At the time of consultation, we will provide options, planning and pricing for your transformation.

$ upon consultation


Enhance, refresh, or balance your color with Aveda’s 99% plant derived toners. Watch your color come to life while you add moisture and shine to your hair. Please let us know if you would like to add this enhancement to your hair service.

$35 & up


Demineralizing treatment - $20
Invati treatment