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Bring Your Own Party
11/08/2013 Gail Ridings
Chuck and Gail at Hospital

Chuck and I spent Halloween at a local hospital. He had minor surgery to correct a bulging disc in his back. I decided that, when he woke up, he needed to have a familiar nurse by his side. That would be me! My good friend, Kimra, has always advised “you’ve got to bring your own party” to life’s events and I couldn’t agree more. Fortunately, the advances in surgery are amazing and Chuck was home walking around within five hours of his procedure. Wow! While technology can drive me nuts sometimes, it can also be pretty dang cool. 


And, speaking of new technology, we are rolling out a re-designed TallGrass website in the next few days. We love the beautiful, new graphics and updated instant gift card section. Those of you who have worked on a project like this know that it only took 427 conference calls and untold hours of work from talented designers. Look for the new site soon! 


Then, mark your calendar for next Thursday, November 14. It’s our Holiday Shopping Spree and it happens only ONCE A YEAR. So, don’t miss out. 


I hope that no matter what life brings, you’ll remember to celebrate by bringing your own party!