TallGrass Philanthropy Report, 2020

We cranked up the creativity at TallGrass in 2020 to keep philanthropic projects on our fundraising calendar, challenges of the COVID pandemic notwithstanding. Finding valuable ways to support our community, invite participation from staff and guests, and help bring our world together, we tweaked a few of few of our traditional projects, and here’s what we accomplished. 


Pet Portraits – We were disappointed that we couldn’t hold our annual dog wash event this year. It’s a staff favorite. But, we came up with a really creative alternative to benefit Evergreen Animal Protective League. Pet Portraits!  Amateur artists in our TallGrass family -- who knew we had so many talented staff! -- drew pictures of pets from photos submitted along with a $20 donation. We drew cats, dogs, horses, and even goats. With colored pencil, crayon, watercolor, and chalk, everybody really got into it and we raised almost $2,000 for EAPL. 


Healing Hearts—A priority for helping people focus on healing thoughts during these challenging times was the impetus for our Healing Hearts Art Project. (It was also a celebration of TallGrass’s 25th anniversary!) Staff, guests and everyone in the community was invited to stop by and pick up 4 x 4” wooden squares to transform into heart art. People got creative with their artwork and messages of love and hope for better days ahead. Each heart became part of a 4 x 8’ mural that has been displayed at the Center for Arts Evergreen and is now at TallGrass in anticipation of finding its permanent home in a perfect public spot. By promoting healing and love and community, we hope we lifted spirits – and we raised $2,800 for Mt Evans Home Health Care and Hospice. 


Adopt-a-Family – To take the place of the annual Mountain Resource Center children’s holiday party which had to be cancelled, we set up a Christmas tree in the TallGrass reception area where guests and staff could pick a tag and fulfill a family’s wish list. The gifts were delivered to MRC for distribution to its clients who are struggling to deal with the impacts of the pandemic. 

Challenging times, yes. But, not enough to stop us from creatively following our mission of philanthropy and introducing a little positivity into our world.  








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