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07/06/2017 Gail Ridings
Meditation. Have you tried it?

brochure front cover
06/06/2017 Gail Sharp
I am incredibly blessed to live and work in a picture postcard setting.

Gail and birthday goats 2017
05/01/2017 Gail Sharp
I have so many friends and family enjoying birthdays this time of year – one joyous celebration after another...

03/01/2017 Gail Sharp
What you do matters to people.

Happy Valentine's Day
02/01/2017 Gail Sharp
Okay, Valentine's Day is coming!

skate the lake
01/07/2017 Gail Sharp
As we all know -- and often don't like -- change is constant.

Gail and her father at Christmas
12/06/2016 Gail Ridings
This will be my first Christmas without having my Dad in my life.

Gail and goats Nov 2017
11/01/2016 Gail Ridings
Just in cast it's not obvious to you

Gail in parking lot sep 2016
10/07/2016 Gail Ridings
Okay, do you think I’m insane to celebrate a parking lot?

relay for life
09/03/2016 Gail Ridings
In August, a few of our TallGrass family members formed a team for the American Cancer Society’s local Relay for Life event.