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Gail Ridings Photo 9
01/08/2015 Gail Ridings
Some of you know that I am a recovering alcoholic.

Gail at 60th Birthday Party
12/06/2014 Gail Ridings
I just celebrated my 60th birthday.

Gail and Chuck Nov 14 nsltr
11/03/2014 Gail Ridings
Some of you might remember a similar photo with my column about this time last year.

Gail and Chuck Oct 14 newsletter
10/11/2014 Gail Ridings
Sometimes I need a nudge. Or maybe a big shove.

Gail and Melissa cropped
09/08/2014 Gail Ridings
This is a photo of Melissa Rackliff and me as she accepted our coveted Spa Babe award in 2002.

Gail and Chuck at Barn Party 2014
08/06/2014 Gail Ridings
Almost everyone I know has gone on some type of vacation this summer.

Gail Ridings nwsltr 2014
07/07/2014 Gail Ridings
I was reminded of the saying “take time to smell the flowers” yesterday in our garden at TallGrass.

soldier boxes san diego 613 040
06/06/2014 Gail Ridings
This week, we are shipping dozens of boxes loaded with toiletries, games, playing cards and baseball caps to our soldiers serving in Afghanistan.

Gail Ridings Photo 9
05/06/2014 Gail Ridings
I've commented here before that I have no children of my own.

Gail and Tarah at All-Staff
04/09/2014 Gail Ridings
Yes, that's me in the chicken hat.