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Gail Sharp Jan 2016 2
05/04/2016 Gail Ridings
I believe that our thoughts create our reality.

Gail Sharp Jan 2016 2
04/06/2016 Gail Ridings
The only time I take a shower is when I wash my hair.

Gail Sharp Jan 2016 2
03/09/2016 Gail Ridings
As I’ve aged, one of the key things I’ve learned is that life is short and we really have only today.

Gail Sharp Jan 2016
02/01/2016 Gail Ridings
Some of you knew me many years ago as Gail Sharp.

happy new year 2016
01/12/2016 Gail Ridings
On our daily walks, my dog, Nutmeg, runs forward while looking backward...

Gail and Kathryn Wirkus
10/12/2015 Gail Ridings
The military has never been a significant part of my personal life...

TallGrass patio
08/03/2015 Gail Ridings
We can choose our reactions to events that happen around us.

Gail Ridings Photo 9
07/07/2015 Gail Ridings
I know, I keep repeating myself but – dang it – I LOVE this time of year.

dog in barrel
06/05/2015 Gail Ridings
I had been looking forward to a lovely May...

Sage Room remodeled
05/01/2015 Gail Ridings
I’m thrilled to report that the mini-remodel and spruce-up at TallGrass was completed successfully during the three days we were closed at the beginning of April.