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Gail Sharp Jan 2016
02/01/2016 Gail Ridings
Some of you knew me many years ago as Gail Sharp.

happy new year 2016
01/12/2016 Gail Ridings
On our daily walks, my dog, Nutmeg, runs forward while looking backward...

Gail and Kathryn Wirkus
10/12/2015 Gail Ridings
The military has never been a significant part of my personal life...

TallGrass patio
08/03/2015 Gail Ridings
We can choose our reactions to events that happen around us.

Gail Ridings Photo 9
07/07/2015 Gail Ridings
I know, I keep repeating myself but – dang it – I LOVE this time of year.

dog in barrel
06/05/2015 Gail Ridings
I had been looking forward to a lovely May...

Sage Room remodeled
05/01/2015 Gail Ridings
I’m thrilled to report that the mini-remodel and spruce-up at TallGrass was completed successfully during the three days we were closed at the beginning of April.

04/01/2015 Gail Ridings
Has this ever happened to you?

TallGrass Gallery Winter 2
03/06/2015 Gail Ridings
I heard on the news the other morning that every state except Florida had snow on the ground and Boston is bracing for another record breaking storm.

Gail and Dogs at Val Day
01/29/2015 Gail Ridings
My husband and I are hoping that we will meet my 86-year-old father and his wife for a family beach vacation this month so we can celebrate a couple of birthdays and Valentine’s Day together. My Dad and his wife are struggling with health issues and we aren’t certain that they’ll be able to make the trip.