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Accept and Adjust
10/09/2017 Gail Ridings
Heather and Gail 3

Our fabulous Heather Glenn, the team leader of our skin care department, went to an Aveda retreat several months ago. She loved every minute of the time she spent there, expanding her knowledge of Aveda products and healthy lifestyles. And, she learned a few simple words to help in times of stress: Accept and Adjust. Easy to remember, very profound.  

Accept and Adjust are perfect words for me to repeat to myself when thinking about our Meditation Room construction. We planned to have the room complete and ready for occupancy in the first few weeks of October. But, because of so many rain delays, we are still just trying to finish the foundation! Accept and Adjust.

Of course, much of life is out of our control, so the way to peace and serenity is to let go. That’s sometimes easier said than done, but we’re trying and we hope that, when you face frustrations or things that don’t go exactly the way you’d planned, you can let it go, too. 

Enjoy our glorious fall season and someday soon, we WILL have our Meditation Room ready and open for you!  

P.S. Once again, for the 8th year, we are collecting travel sized toiletries and other items to ship to soldiers in the Middle East for holiday arrival. These men and women are away from home and their families during this special time and we want them to know we are thinking about them. If you don’t have anything to give, please just write a little note to say “thank you.” We will slip it into one of the boxes.  

Pictured above are Heather Glenn and Gail Sharp