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I send my gratitude to you
12/12/2017 Gail Ridings
gratitude changes everything

In my humble opinion, gratitude is one of the most powerful, accessible keys to happiness. When I have a moment of feeling down, scared, or lonely (rarely, thank goodness), my habit of noticing everything I have, rather than the few things that I don’t, propels me back into a state of joy and appreciation. While I have no immediate relatives (no children, parents, brothers, or sisters) to spend the holidays with, I have many friends I can love and embrace.  

I read recently that giving is the true receiving. The focus on another being – no expectation of reciprocation – is the highest reward there is. Our Soldier Box Project embodies this idea, since we never see the reactions of the men and women who open our packages. The joy of packing and sending these boxes full of things that you and others in our community donate is incredibly rewarding. It embodies the meaning of the holidays for me. The same way it does with our Mountain Resource Center party later this month where we’ll give away stockings to underprivileged children in our mountain area.  

I send my gratitude to you, our treasured guests. Your support and friendship is cherished by all of us. I certainly hope that you feel our gratitude each time you visit TallGrass, and even long afterwards. Thank you for sharing yourself with us.   

Best wishes for a wonderful, gratitude-filled season of giving!


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