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Appreciating Quiet
03/01/2018 Gail Ridings

Quiet. As I’ve aged (uh, yes, I’m having a hip replacement next month), I’ve learned to not only appreciate quiet, but to seek it out. When walking yesterday with my friend, my dogs, and my four goats, we stopped in the middle of a conversation to just appreciate the beauty of nature in absolute quiet. It’s a precious gift that is especially valued here in my rural Evergreen neighborhood. 

For many years, I lived in downtown Chicago and made the rounds of restaurants, nightclubs, concerts. The cacophony of the city was exciting and welcome. Not so much now.  

That’s one reason why I’m so thrilled that the TallGrass Meditation Room is finally finished! It’s a beautiful place to sit quietly – contemplating, reading, meditating, or just breathing. My kind of bliss. Please make sure you take extra time to enjoy this peaceful new space on your next visit.  And remember: Shhhhhhh!