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Why Worry?
05/12/2018 Gail Ridings
don't worry

Worry. Why is it that 99% of the time my worrying is worse than the actual event I was concerned about? It happens countless times and yet I choose to allow my mind to run away with me again and again. 

I went into mini-freakout-land a couple of weeks ago when my hip surgery was canceled the night before the scheduled date. I have to admit my serene “accept and adjust” attitude totally left me for a few hours. I ranted and railed to everyone who would listen, which of course did absolutely nothing to help. When I calmed down and thought about it, waiting another 11 days for my new hip was not really a big deal. In the grand scheme of my life, there were important things that needed to be done during this delay time that could not have happened if I’d had my surgery on schedule. it all worked out. Do you ever think: “When will I ever learn this lesson?”  

The good news is that, throughout the delay and the surgery that followed, I was given a wonderful example of “Awe and Inspiring” service (puts me in mind of our TallGrass mission) from my surgeon and his staff. Truly remarkable! 

Anyway, I’m on the mend and am now officially partly bionic. Whoopee!  I will never worry about anything again. (Until next time, that is!) I hope you’ll try to stop worrying, too. What a terrible waste of energy! 

I’m sending wishes of love, support, and strength to our wonderful mothers on Mother’s Day. I hope we see lots of Moms at TallGrass this month. We’d love to give a joyous, relaxing spa day to the women who do so much for all of us! 

Gail Sharp is the owner of TallGrass Aveda Spa and Salon.