Men's Spa Services

Therapeutic Massage
Deep pressure muscle therapy offers maximum release of tension: this firmer massage is tailored to your specific needs and can be designed to aid injury recovery and pain relief.

50 minutes | $100 M-Th | $110 F-Su
65 minutes | $115 M-Th | $125 F-Su
80 minutes | $130 M-Th | $140 F-Su
Enjoy savings on weekdays.

Mountain Man Facial
This is a deep-cleansing and softening facial that calms, soothes and relieves shaving irritation or skin aggravated by exposure to harsh, drying weather conditions. Tension is soothed with facial, neck and shoulder massage.

50 Minutes / $110 M-Th / $120 F-Su
Enjoy savings on weekdays.

Mt. Evans Manicure and Pedicure
Our specialty nail services for men's hands and feet include a sea salt scrub, hydrating paraffin treatment or blue oil cooling masque, warm neck wrap or blue oil application, careful attention to nails and cuticles, and a soothing massage.

Manicure 50 Minutes / $35 M-Th / $45 F-Su
Pedicure 65 Minutes / $70 M-Th / $80 F-Su
Enjoy savings on weekdays.