"I haven't gotten a haircut from TallGrass in years so I was a bit nervous starting with someone new. My appointment was moved up a week because I asked to be put on the cancellation list so that was the beginning of a great experience! My hair stylist was incredible. I was treated to a warm towel around my neck and then after the shampoo I used a scrub on my hands and then a hot wax to moisturize them during the haircut. She took her time discussing the right style for me and then explained her process. The haircut was fantastic. I will continue to see her and spread the word to my friends." 

~ Nora M.

"Really great location, nice facility, lovely great room and outdoor spaces. They make you feel very comfortable there. Good massages. Fun gift shop items. Love going up there."

~ Kathy H.

"I have a group of Dallas friends who have done it all! When they come to visit, I always offer TallGrass as a possible activity. This is their 4th year and they resoundingly say YES! It has become a staple of the trip and for good reason. The welcome at the door is inviting. Every room is serene and relaxing. Every treatment is done with skill by caring folks. Can I recommend TallGrass? In a heartbeat!!"

~ Deanna B.

"Beautiful, peaceful location with great service."

~ Jewel H.

"On my "spa scale" of 1-10, Tall Grass gets a 12!!! My day with you was fantastic! You have the BEST STAFF of any spa I have ever been to (from AZ to FL to Europe). The facility is so peaceful and well appointed and allowed for a very relaxed and enjoyable experience. My spa lunch was very healthy and tasty! The services I received were of the highest quality and everyone was so friendly and helpful. I was in this area for a special occasion but after my day with you I may have to make this trip to Evergreen an annual event just to spend a day at Tall Grass!!!! Thank you for my special day!"

~ Laura K.

"Enjoyed a great day at TallGrass with my mom. The services were wonderful and we loved the relaxing atmosphere."

~ Sue K.

"Loved it. Everyone was extremely nice and helpful from the minute we walked in. The couples massage was great. Thank you!"

~ Elizabeth C.

"I had a great experience and I am totally satisfied with my new cut and color. I had just come back from an exhausting and enjoyable trip on the water and in the woods. My roots had grown out, hair was burned from the sun and harsh environment and I needed immediate reconstruction before I could go anywhere without scaring small children and dogs. A last minute appointment made me look presentable and I have received many compliments on my stylist's work. She is smart, creative, and knowledgable. TG was, as always, a pleasant place to relax and enjoy nature. And I love Aveda- their commitment to social and environmental issues is a great thing, and the products are outstanding. Almost a #10, but I have nearly impossibly high expectations."

~ Ginny S.

"I had the best time at TallGrass. Everyone was very friendly, eager to talk with the clients, eager to help when needed and they did a fantastic job. So, a wonderful first time spa experience for me to remember. Thank you!!"

~ Marti P.

"I enjoyed both the message and the experience very much. I was with an out of town friend who was visiting and who has had way to many messages in life i.e. very discriminating and hard to please. She was over the moon about her massage and experience at TallGrass and her purchases from your shop. Congratulations!! She'll never visit again without being at TallGrass. Can't say I blame her."

~ Jim H.

"Had a wonderful time. The staff is wonderful and the services were a slice of heaven. Planning on doing this again. Thank you for a delightful time."

~ Arlene B.

"TallGrass is a spa that prides itself on the environment it creates and the experiences it brings to guests. You simply can not beat the space, location, aroma, and the many ways it encourages all of your senses to relax."

~ Neysa B.

"Fabulous massage and love all your products. The boutique offers such cute and reasonable clothing and accessories. Love the atmosphere of the entire spa Would recommend to anyone looking for an enjoyable and restful experience."

~ Jeanne D.

"Once again, TallGrass never disappoints! My friend and I always treat ourselves to a "Spa Day" in Evergreen around our July birthdays, so it's usually near 100F in Denver and a beautiful, cool 78F in Evergreen. It rained ALL DAY while we were there, and it was 48F when we left the spa at 3pm. No biggie! The great room is a cozy island of tranquility with delicious hot tea, snacks, music, and wonderful books to snuggle up with before or after your appointment. The gal, who runs the boutique, continues to have wonderful summer clothes, PJs, jewelry, shoes, bags, etc. all with an eye for quality, handcrafted, and locally-produced items. The women who did our pedicures were delightful and let us know that if anything smudged (due to the fact that it wasn't exactly sandals weather!), we could come back during the day. The selection of Aveda products is very good too. Normally during a summer day, the hummingbirds, beautiful blue skies, ravens, occasional deer strolling by, are enough to make one never want to leave, and forget that you're only 60 minutes from downtown Denver. Not only is this a stellar destination for visitors, this is also where we "locals" love to go!"

~ Anne P.

"I had an amazing time at TallGrass salon! y stylist was so sweet and did a great job on my hair. I have been getting compliments since I left. I can't wait to go back and try other services. Thank you!"

~ Katie B.