Celebrate with our Ten Days of Tango
available February 9th through 18th

Himalayan Salt Stone Tango for Two

Experience our new Himalayan Salt Stones in your massage, TallGrass Tango style! In the privacy of our Sage Room Suite with fireplace and vaulted ceilings, two people are massaged in the same room, at the same time. Feel an amazing sense of renewal and well-being when 100% pure, hand-carved Himalayan salt stones are warmed and massaged over your neck, back and shoulders during this full body massage experience. The salt stones harmonize and revitalize, gently soothing away stress and tension. This simply sublime experience can improve sleep and circulation, relieve anxiety, and deliver a myriad of health benefits while bringing the mind, body and spirit into balance.

This very special treatment comes with our gifts of a heart shaped Himalayan salt stone and 10 oz jar of Therapeutic Himalayan Bath Salts to take home!

Priced for two:

50 minutes |M-Th $220 | F-Su $240
80 minutes | M-Th $290 | F-Su $310

Or, choose to celebrate with our traditional TallGrass Tango
available now and every day of year…

TallGrass Tango

The TallGrass Tango side-by-side couples massage is a great way to enjoy TallGrass together. In the privacy of our Sage Room Suite, two people are massaged in the same room, at the same time. The Tango includes a 50-minute or 80-minute massage, your choice of therapeutic or aromatherapy techniques, moisture-rich hand treatments and a custom-scented steam shower. Our Tango is the perfect way to celebrate an anniversary, Valentine's Day, or turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary one!

Priced for two:

50 minutes | $210 M-Th | $230 F-Su 
80 minutes | $280 M-Th | $300 F-Su

Give the Gift of Love