TallGrass Events

November 5 marks TallGrass' 18th anniversary. For us, it'll be a quiet celebration as we recall 18 years of offering luxury spa services and extraordinary customer service to our guests, serving the community through our philanthropic programs, supporting our staff with continuing education to encourage their personal and professional growth, and having a great time connecting with our guests and our community. Thanks to everyone who has made these 18 years so meaningful to all of us.

On Thursday, November 14, we invite you to visit TallGrass to begin your holiday shopping. All day long, we'll be offering 20% savings on retail items including Aveda Holiday Gift Packs and, of course, TallGrass gift certificates. Please remember that you must come to TallGrass to make your purchases and enjoy these savings.

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TallGrass Boutique
It's darn near impossible to visit TallGrass without finding something in the boutique that you can't live without - jewelry, purses, casual clothing, PJs, shoes, sweaters, coats and accessories. Honestly, some people come to TallGrass just to shop in our boutique. Several times each year, our boutique buyer travels to the fashion markets to select the one-of-a-kind treasures that make the boutique a destination. And, right now the racks and shelves are loaded with fall fashions. Be sure to stop in the Boutique on your next visit to TallGrass and don't miss the sale rack outside the hair salon.