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April 14, 2016

TallGrass spa initiates celebration theme

TallGrass inspires guests to find something to celebrate every single day, pose for celebration photos

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While people have many reasons for visiting a spa - checking in to a healthy lifestyle, relaxing and restoring, and getting away from it all, the celebration theme is one of the most common at TallGrass Aveda Spa and Salon in Evergreen, Colorado. TallGrass is a popular place for girlfriends getting together to celebrate a birthday or an upcoming wedding, for couples observing an anniversary, and for out-of-towners enjoying a Colorado vacation. A mountain meadow location in the Rocky Mountain foothills makes TallGrass the perfect destination for celebrating occasions.

And now, with its message to Celebrate life in some way big or small every day, TallGrass is taking the celebration theme a step further by encouraging guests to think about celebrating the everyday events, too.

"It's all part of our mission to awe and inspire," says TallGrass owner Gail Ridings. "We want to inspire people to celebrate the little things in life. They don't need to wait to for an occasion. It's another way of thinking, a paradigm shift, like when families sit around the dinner table at night and talk about the good things that happened that day."

TallGrass encourages guests to reflect on all the good things that happen in their lives and celebrate them at the spa. A career opportunity, passing a medical test, an A on a math test, finally clearing out the garage, a beautiful day with a best friend are some of the examples that TallGrass cites as being worthy of celebration.

Step and Repeat
While guests are in the celebration mode at TallGrass, they are invited to step in front of a repeat pattern backdrop and have their pictures taken. The experience suggests the Step and Repeat publicity wall that's prominent at fashion shows and awards ceremonies where VIPs step onto a red carpet in front of a logo screen and pose for photos. Standing in front of the TallGrass Step and Repeat screen, guests can hold signs with sayings like Time for Me, Sisters' Getaway, Kid-Free, Playing Hooky or they can use blank signs to write their own messages.

TallGrass guests were ready for their close-ups recently as a couple of gals who've known each other for 45 years celebrated each other, a mom and daughter celebrated bold new hair-dos, a couple celebrated time together, and a gentleman celebrated his 70th birthday with no trouble grinning for the camera. Their Step and Repeat photos were emailed to them as reminders that there are many big and little things in life worth celebrating. The photos can be posted on Facebook and Instagram. And, with permission, TallGrass posts the photos on its own Facebook page, too.

About TallGrass
Celebrating its 21st anniversary in 2016, TallGrass is a full service spa and salon located on the banks of Upper Bear Creek, in a beautiful mountain meadow, just 45 minutes from downtown Denver. It offers a complete menu of massage, skincare, hair and nail services, along with catered lunch and boutique shopping for unique gifts and personal care items.

For more information, please visit or call 303-670-4444.