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We Are Where We Are
01/29/2015 Gail Ridings
Gail and Dogs at Val Day

My husband and I are hoping that we will meet my 86-year-old father and his wife for a family beach vacation this month so we can celebrate a couple of birthdays and Valentine’s Day together. My Dad and his wife are struggling with health issues and we aren’t certain that they’ll be able to make the trip. 

Those of us past middle age (like me), who are still fortunate enough to have a parent alive, are facing challenges associated with their aging. We celebrated Christmas with my Dad in Kansas City in an assisted living facility for the first time. It’s a lovely place, but certainly different from being in their own home. Along with the worry about their health, comes the realization that this chapter of my own life is not that far away. It’s bizarre to begin to think about a future that includes retirement, slowing down, wills and health issues when it seems only yesterday that my focus was often solely on fun and excitement.  

As we all know, life has various stages or passages and despite our wishes, we are where we are. So, I’m grateful for my 60-year-old body that is pretty darn great and I can still get on my horse and ride the trails. Just last week, I witnessed a 72-year-old barrel racing grandmother at the National Western Stock Show! Yeehaw!

 Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. I hope that you spend the day and/or month with loved ones young and old!