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Summer Sunday Afternoon
02/25/2011 Gail Ridings
Blush Gail Headshot

It is monsoon season and a summer afternoon thunderstorm is probably on the way. How lovely! The thunder, rain on our metal roof, the smell of moisture in the air make these summer afternoons just perfect.

My friend, Shelly, and I went to Shrine Pass yesterday for our annual jaw-dropping wildflower/mountain vista hike. Then, we dropped in on Vail to gawk at the spectacular container flowers dripping from every balcony and the extravagant gardens. What is it about mountain air that makes the flowers so magnificent?

Chuck and I had planned to go away for a week on a vacation in the middle of August. But last week, we looked at each other and agreed that there isn’t a better place on earth than right here, right now. We are so blessed to have such a life. I hope you are enjoying our Colorado summer as much as we are!

Tell us what is making your Colorado summer special.