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Stop to Smell the Flowers
07/07/2014 Gail Ridings
Gail Ridings nwsltr 2014

I was reminded of the saying “take time to smell the flowers” yesterday in our garden at TallGrass.  Like many of us, I often rush past our lovely patio focused on the day ahead, the multiple tasks that need to get done, the numerous people that I’d like to greet. While speaking with a guest relaxing on a chaise lounge, I noticed that we had a lilac bush blooming.  I had never known that we even HAD lilacs let alone noticed the flowers. The smell was heavenly, summery, wonderful! Instantly, I thought that I need to slow down, enjoy every delicious scent, sight and sound during our amazing summer season.  

Just last week, at the beginning of Upper Bear Creek Road down by the lake there were about 15 cars stopped by the side of the road in the middle of rush hour (what little there is in Evergreen) to watch a bald eagle sitting majestically in a tree. I was already late for an appointment, but I decided that this sight was worth a few extra minutes. So, once again, I was reminded to slow down, enjoy each moment of the day, look around, listen and even smell what’s happening around me. Our senses are such a gift, and I plan to use each one to the fullest – especially during this sensual time of year.  

And don’t forget, we at TallGrass specialize in another sense: touch!  Please come enjoy all of your senses with us!