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May is for Celebrating Birthdays...and Mothers
05/01/2017 Gail Sharp
Gail and birthday goats 2017

I have so many friends and family enjoying birthdays this time of year – one joyous celebration after another – and I’m enjoying every, single one. Among my four-legged friends, Willy and Bates, my Nigerian dwarf goats, had their one year birthday last week. They loved their party hats so much that they tried to eat them right after this photo was taken!  

I’m practically giddy during spring season. My mini-ranch is just beginning to burst with life in so many ways – pastures and trees starting to green up, birds singing at the crack of dawn, now a glimmer of light at 5:30 a.m. Our neighborhood skunks will start having babies soon and I’ll have to keep a watchful eye on my dog Nutmeg. She loves skunks but they don’t love her and she’s gotten sprayed too many times to count!  

We’re a month behind Denver’s blooming season and, while it can be frustrating to have to wait, these extra days of anticipation create even more appreciation and gratitude. Similar to so many things in my life, when I’ve had to wait a bit for the reward, it’s usually so much sweeter!  

My stepmother, Joyce, passed away last fall, right after my father died. I will miss them both and will certainly be thinking of her and my own mom this Mother’s Day. I pray that you will take time to focus on loving and thanking the mothers in your life – especially if you are a mother yourself because then you know there are lots of reasons to say Thanks, Mom!