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It's all about attitude
02/01/2017 Gail Sharp
Happy Valentine's Day

I’m not married, nor do I have a boyfriend. Not even dating. So, I won’t be getting a Valentine’s card from a romantic admirer. Doesn’t matter. Wait, don’t get me wrong. I loved being married or being in a relationship; but, I am also very happy being single. Both of these lifestyles have rewarding benefits.  

It’s all about attitude. While I don’t have someone to hold at night (other than my dogs and cats), I can go to lots of chick flick movies, have popcorn or cereal for dinner if I choose, and enjoy chatting, walking, traveling or playing Rummikub with my girlfriends. Sitting in my office right now, after a terrific day of riding and hiking, I’m looking out the window at a spectacular sunset. Life is good! I believe that what you focus on grows. So, I’m all-in with gratitude for my single life.  

I hope that no matter what box you check for status – married, single, or somewhere in between – that you enjoy love and laughter during this month of love. And, if you send me a Valentine’s Day card, I promise I’ll send one back to you with love!