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Honoring our soldiers
10/12/2015 Gail Ridings
Gail and Kathryn Wirkus

The military has never been a significant part of my personal life – my Dad was in the Reserves but that was before I was born, and my grandfather was a WWI pilot, but I have no brothers or sisters or close friends who are soldiers. And yet, I am profoundly grateful to and proud of the men and women who serve our country, including those who did not have a choice like Vietnam vets.

When I think about the physical challenges, the separation from friends and family, the psychological stress, the multiple moves and adjustments, and being far from home during the holidays, I know that there is much we can do to ease the trauma.

That’s why we’ve chosen to honor our military men and women with a series of events in celebration of TallGrass’ 20th Anniversary on November 6. We started in September by participating in the Women Veterans of Colorado conference where our stylists and makeup artists gave mini-makeovers to attendees who were having photos taken for LinkedIn profiles and resumes. We met so many amazing women! Here I am with Kathryn F. Wirkus, Lt Col USAF (Ret), President and Co-founder of WVOC.  

We’re continuing the celebration with many more events planned to honor our soldiers, including an expanded goal for the holiday shipment of care packages to troops in Afghanistan. Our next shipment of at least 100 Soldier Boxes goes out on November 6. And, we invite you to help us make it happen.

Please visit the TallGrass website and find out how you can join us in saying “Thank you for your service.”