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Here's Your Nudge
10/11/2014 Gail Ridings
Gail and Chuck Oct 14 newsletter

Sometimes I need a nudge. Or maybe a big shove. 

I’ve wanted to take our horses on a weekend excursion for years and years, yet have never gotten around to it, pre-occupied as we are with the bustle of life. Our friends, the Ungers, asked us to go on such a trip to Salida with them. It was planned for months and months and yet, when the time came around, Chuck and I both thought “we don’t have time for this!” 

But we had made a commitment, so we loaded up our horses and set off.  Now we’re saying “what took us so long?” We had a fabulous time – beautiful trails, incredible views, spectacular colors and wonderful conversations with friends. 

I often hear the same sentiment expressed by our guests at TallGrass. They have an unused gift certificate lying around or just need some relaxation and rejuvenation and yet they keep putting off coming to the spa – too busy. As they leave, I hear them say they won’t wait so long next time.  

So, here’s you your nudge (or shove). Stop waiting!  Make time for the activity that you know you’d love. You will be so happy you did.