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07/05/2012 Gail Ridings
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The Fourth of July has passed in a quiet, somber way in Colorado.

No fireworks. The last thing anyone wanted in our dry state was a firecracker sparking another wildfire. While I've always enjoyed our brief but intense summer rains, I've never prayed harder for long, drenching downpours (without lightening, thank you very much!) Our hearts are with the unfortunate people and animals that lost their homes and even lives. We salute our brave and untiring firefighters who laid so much on the line to put out these terrifying fires.

It’s strange to hear the news that other parts of the country are suffering floods. It’s a good metaphor to demonstrate that anything out of balance is never good. Maintaining balance in our lives is so crucial, yet difficult to manage. Schedules are so hectic. Here at TallGrass, I’ve been incredibly busy this past month learning more about our Spa Director role since Susie left and interviewing for her replacement. But, I try as hard as possible to take a few moments to breathe, appreciate my numerous blessings and do my part to support those who aren’t as lucky as I am. That helps me keep balanced.

I hope that you remember to take time for your own balance. Our Chakra Balancing Treatment is a great way to get started!