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Message from Gail Sharp

June 2021

Park Scene

The world is re-opening. Does anyone else besides me feel excited and, at the same time, a bit overwhelmed?

So weird. I am fully vaccinated and feel safe, so I am willing to go places now without my mask. It's been so strange – at first strange to start wearing a mask and now strange to stop. But, how much fun it is to see people's lips and noses and teeth and smiles, especially on employees we have hired in this past year. I finally get to see their beautiful faces.

I'm writing this on May 30 and like the Indy 500 that's back in business today, I feel like we are hearing: "Ladies and Gentlemen, Start your engines!" Of course, 90% of me is thrilled to have all our guests back at TallGrass, to be able to go to a concert, to a movie, or to a party with my dear friends. But a small part of me also feels hesitant, not because I'm nervous about getting sick, but because there has been a certain peace and calm during this past year. There was no pressure to get out and get busy going to events, packing that calendar. I had even more quiet time than normal – walking, enjoying nature, slowing down.

So, my hope is that, as with any difficult time in our lives – and I sure think this past year qualifies – we learn new things. Gifts wrapped up in strange containers like COVID teach us about helping others, enjoying simple pleasures of family and close friends, with less emphasis on pushing ourselves every second of every day.

I wish you peace and joy as we all re-emerge!

Gail Sharp is the owner of TallGrass Spa and Salon. Email her at sharpgail@aol.com .


Available for Adoption

Rottweiler / mixed, male, 3-1/2 yrs, 90 lbs
One of the sweetest dogs you'll ever meet, Kronk is friendly to everyone (even little kids and cats!). Huge but gentle, he just wants to play and loves his human more than anything, except food…which makes him a great candidate for training. He knows sit and lay commands but is still working on stay.

Available for adoption at Evergreen Animal Protective League
www . EAPL . com

Congratulations to Evergreen Animal Protective League celebrating its 40th anniversary this year! For four decades, EAPL has worked to aid thousands of lost, abandoned, and suffering animals through rescue, shelter, and education.

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