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What a difference the sun makes!
06/05/2015 Gail Ridings
dog in barrel

What a difference the sun makes! I had been looking forward to a lovely May and spring but when it arrived, we had day after day of rain, cold, dreary skies and even snow. The constant rain caused numerous flooding issues at our mini-ranch and problems that involved my working outside in the downpour.  Of course, I caught the mother of all colds, and it lasted the full month. My usual mental, physical and spiritual therapy routine is to get outside for a hike, a horseback ride or just enjoy my drive to work and, unfortunately, the steady rain didn’t leave me many options, especially while I was so sick. And to top it off, I was experiencing some tough family issues. May turned into a train wreck! Then, June dawned. 

It’s bright and sunny and warm and lovely! The grass and trees are bursting with health and joy at having had all that lovely moisture and the sun helps all of creation to feel reborn. Finally, pretty flowers can be planted without the threat of snow and hail.  In just two days, I golfed, hiked, rode my horses  and, on my way to work one morning, I saw baby elk at the lake and a beautiful bear trundling up the road at Upper Bear Creek.  

Talk about enjoying this recent burst of warmth, here’s my sweet dog, Nutmeg, basking in the sun. I hope that you, too, are reveling in these wonderful, cheery, SUNNY days! Please come enjoy the glorious drive along the creek and into our valley, relax on our beautiful patio and enjoy summertime services with us. Yippee!