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Ushering in Spring
04/09/2014 Gail Ridings
Gail and Tarah at All-Staff

Yes, that’s me in the chicken hat. And, Tarah Howard, our Spa Director, is the bunny. That’s right. We’re dressed like this in front of our staff at the TallGrass all-staff meeting today. Isn’t it obvious? We’re ushering in Spring!

The TallGrass team knows all too well that I am a bit goofy. I love costumes, crazy skits and silly songs. As do my friends. My thinking is: why not inject a little surprise, a little fun, a little playtime into our lives? Sometimes, things can be so incredibly serious – painful, hard, sad, exhausting. So, whenever possible, I like to add a bit of celebration and laughter to lighten the load.

No doubt, there are folks who will roll their eyes or shake their heads, but really, what’s the harm? Maybe, if more of us donned a funny wig or zany sunglasses at an unusual moment, the world might be an easier place to inhabit. At least it will make someone smile. I hope it’s you!