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Touched by Events in February
03/07/2014 Gail Ridings
Natanya Mallin

We experienced three heartbreaking events in February. One, the founder of Aveda, Horst Rechelbacher, passed away on Valentine’s Day. Horst was an incredible visionary, and he and the company that he started led the world in providing beauty products that are not only good for us, but good for the planet, too. Horst was an early leader in the environmental movement that has now become a part of our daily lives.


On the same day, we lost our beloved team member, Natanya Mallin. Pictured here, she displays the spirit and energy that she carried with her during her life and to her final day. Horst inspired us on a large, global level; and Natanya’s inspiration is felt more privately, deep in our hearts. It’s not surprising that they both left this world on Valentine’s Day, giving us a reminder to focus on love. As the Beatles put it so well “Love is all you need.”  


Just last week, we had another very sad, yet incredibly heartwarming experience, this time with a TallGrass guest. Accompanied by her daughter and sister, a woman came to the spa and, when checking in, they let us know that she was in the last stages of her life. A visit to TallGrass was on her “bucket list” of experiences before she left this world. As you can imagine, we were saddened by this news and yet honored to be included on her list. She told us she enjoyed her massage and her visit, but it was our TallGrass family who received a gift because she truly touched all of us that day. It is a memory that we will cherish forever. We send our prayers of strength and support to her, to her family and everyone who is bearing a loss or hardship. 


Soon Spring will come and renew us!