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So Proud of My TallGrass Team
05/06/2014 Gail Ridings
Gail Ridings Photo 9

I’ve commented here before that I have no children of my own (except my family of animals, of course). But, I feel that in many ways the TallGrass team qualifies as my “children” in that they rely on me for support, guidance, security and motivation. And, they do the same for me in much the same way that children can give inspiration and gratitude to their mothers.     


I’m incredibly proud of my TallGrass family. They work so hard, care so deeply, and do so much for our guests, each other and our community. It’s a well-known fact that I am often teary-eyed when working with my “kids.”  They make me beam with joy (and sometimes scream with frustration J).


Last month, my motherly pride overflowed when TallGrass was recognized as one of the “Top 100 Workplaces” in the small business category in The Denver Post survey based on employee responses. Wow! We came in at #15. It’s a tribute to how hard the TallGrass family works to create our company’s culture. Our core values, determined through a group effort by all of us, support our mission to “Awe and Inspire.” And, just like any family’s values, they serve as the guideposts that keep us connected, motivated, and inspired every day.


I hope my TallGrass family takes no offense at being viewed as my children. I can’t compare myself to real mothers – the women who are the saints of our society – those who can’t be thanked and honored too much.


At TallGrass, we look forward to taking good care of many, many mothers this month. Happy Mother’s Day to them all!