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Silent Contemplation
07/06/2017 Gail Ridings

Meditation. Have you tried it? I have. About 216 times. And yet, I have failed to achieve a quiet mind, floating freedom, or reverie. I’ve tried everything – staring at a candle flame, chanting calming words, listening to tapes, sitting in complete darkness, and even taking classes. Nope. 

But, it’s not a total loss. I do take time every, single morning – no matter what! – to sit as quietly as I can, attempt to still my mind, and focus on spiritual matters like love, peace, and compassion. I read a daily inspiration and write in a journal. My mind doesn’t quite shut off, but at least my attention is on a higher purpose and I don’t begin the day by reading emails and listening to the news.  

It’s changed my life in profound ways. I can’t emphasize enough how much this quiet time each morning has helped me with gratitude, strength, and letting go of stress. While I’ve haven’t connected with my “third eye” and still have a “monkey chattering” mind, it does make a difference. Maybe it can help you, too! 

At TallGrass, we believe that silent contemplation is so important that we’re adding a new component to the spa. Stay tuned. You’ll see changes coming very soon. Until then, please enjoy our glorious summer mornings – quietly.