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New and Exciting Changes
04/01/2015 Gail Ridings

Has this ever happened to you? Okay, you decide, your bathroom needs a fresh coat of paint. That’s all, just a little paint. Then, you see a photo or visit a place with a cool bathroom and think “Well, we might as well install new tile to go with the paint.” Then, you think “Actually, the toilet is so dated that it really needs to be replaced.” And then, you look down the hallway and see the laundry room is really in bad shape and, for that matter, the kitchen still has those avocado appliances that were super cool in 1979. We might as well do those too, especially since the whole place is already torn up!  

Well, guess what? That happened to us at TallGrass! Maybe one of our bathrooms could use new tile…then, why not three bathrooms...and, the Sage Room needs a little makeover…and, boy, that Great Room (renamed Quiet Room to encourage whispering guests) needs paint and carpet. And so, we’re off…on a remodeling kick.   

That means TallGrass will be closed on Monday and Tuesday, April 6 and 7, for a whirlwind mini-remodel. Our fabulous handyman/contractor promises to work hard and fast to give us an elegant new look! Needless to say, we’re excited and know you’ll love the results when we re-open on Wednesday, April 8! 

And speaking of new and exciting changes, we’re opening our very own tattoo parlor downstairs next to the laundry area. Now, you’ll be able to come to TallGrass for that cute little rattlesnake or skull & crossbones tattoo that you’ve been dreaming about!  Watch for details, coming soon, on pricing, artwork options and pain levels. It’ll be super fun! 

Oh, and please note the date of this blog while you’re dreaming about TallGrass tattoos and plan to have your own fun with April Fool’s Day, too!