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My new month of gratitude
08/02/2016 Gail Ridings

As you know, our theme at Tallgrass this year is “Celebrate!”

Last month, I was focused on celebrating my father’s life and mourning his passing. Obviously, I will miss him forever, but I do want to turn a corner now and start a new month of gratitude for what is joyful in my life. Both large and small. While I struggle with adjusting some of my not-so-great character traits like impatience and my need to be right, I have developed a wonderful habit of embracing gratitude every day.  

I celebrate my health, my ability to walk and talk and breathe and take in the beauty of the world. Driving to TallGrass in the mornings is especially my time to enjoy. Today, mom and pop goose were pushing their brood of teenage chicks down the road, the sun was sparkling on the lake, and a huge, majestic bull elk was nibbling tasty vegetation right next to my car as I sat and watched. 

I celebrate my animals (the goats are bigger but still adorable), and we all celebrate the lovable dogs we washed at our recent benefit for Evergreen Animal Protective League. My friends are my family of choice and I am thrilled to celebrate these relationships that enrich my soul. And, I even celebrate our new parking lot, though it was over budget and isn’t too glamorous.  

Please share your celebrations with us – birthday, or friends reconnecting, or simply a day of peace and relaxation. I promise we will help you treasure your special moments here at TallGrass!

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