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Meet Meri
08/08/2012 Gail Ridings
Meri Ridings

Meet Meri, our newly adopted family member. My husband, Chuck, fell in love with this sweet pit bull earlier this year when he met her at an event. Then, during our Wine, Washes and Wagging Tails fundraiser for the Evergreen Animal Protective League (check out our Facebook page for adorable photos), he met her again and this time she was ready to be adopted. Jackie Bell, the founder of the EAPL, was giving her a foster home but, with too many dogs in the house, it was time to find Meri a forever home. 

Meri had a horrific beginning, suffering terrible injuries – broken hips, legs and jaw. She was found with wire wrapped around her mouth that left her with the scars you see on her nose. The astounding thing is, not only did she survive awful abuse, but she is the sweetest, most loving, accepting, happy dog you could ever meet. She is the most popular animal wherever she goes and people go out of their way to say hello and pet her. She will be going to work every day with Chuck at his State Farm office up on Hilltop in Evergreen. And, already, they are inseparable! 

We think Meri certainly exemplifies the TallGrass mission statement to “Awe and Inspire” because of her positive, loving spirit. And, we are blessed to have her as part of our family!