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Many Ways to Honor our Dads
06/06/2014 Gail Ridings
soldier boxes san diego 613 040

This week, we are shipping dozens of boxes loaded with toiletries, games, playing cards and baseball caps to our soldiers serving in Afghanistan. We coordinate our Soldier Box Project twice a year – once during the holidays and again between Mother’s and Father’s Days to honor the moms, dads, sons and daughters who are away from their families on these special occasions. Thanks to all of you who contributed personal care items or cash to this worthy cause (including the generous Evergreen Rotarians!). 

I won’t be with my own Dad on this Father’s Day. But, my husband and I just went to Kansas City to help him and his wife move into an assisted living facility. It’s a beautiful place and I’m sure they will be glad they made the move but, right now, as with any major change in life, it’s stressful and a bit scary. We all participate in these life passages that have become so routine, but I must admit that it always feels a bit surreal. In my mind, I still feel about 30 and I know that my folks feel the same. They are happy, positive people and just emailed me – “We feel like we are on vacation – We are having the time of our life.” Wow! Talk about a positive attitude! I’m blessed to have these two amazing role models. 

We wish all of our precious Dads a Happy Father’s Day.  Let’s make sure that they know they are loved and appreciated. Maybe surprise them with a visit to an award-winning spa as a treat?  J