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Many Reasons to Celebrate
11/03/2014 Gail Ridings
Gail and Chuck Nov 14 nsltr

Some of you might remember a similar photo with my column about this time last year.   It’s an odd coincidence that my husband, Chuck, was scheduled again this Halloween for another elective surgery. This time, he had both knees scoped and, of course, we had to carry on our recovery room costume tradition. We were the only goofy people dressed up. But, why not? Life can be very serious, very scary and sometimes very difficult. If you have a fairly routine procedure (like joint repair) and need just a bit of healing, that’s worth celebrating.   

And come to think of it, there are many reasons to celebrate! The media often focuses on so many negative, depressing things that we might be tempted to overlook opportunities to celebrate. Certainly, we think of celebrating holidays, but how about smaller victories, happy moments, even waking up in the morning? How about celebrating a great phone call, an “all good” mammogram, a safe and uneventful drive to work, or any of the thousands of other life happenings that we take for granted?  

My husband had a routine procedure done today! Wahoo! I’m celebrating!