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Choosing happiness
08/03/2015 Gail Ridings
TallGrass patio

We can choose our reactions to events that happen around us. 

I try very hard to choose happiness and to be positive when things aren’t going so well. After all, I’m so incredibly blessed with good health, a wonderful family, loving friends, a successful and heartwarming business and a connection with my higher power. I’m certain that many, many people in the world would be thrilled to step into my shoes and enjoy my life. I am very grateful! 

But, not right now. I’m in a sad place, my dear friends, and I’m struggling. It will not be forever and I know life will go on. A brighter future awaits and I’m preparing to embrace it–just around the corner. Recently, I read that sometimes we are a light for others, and sometimes they are lights for us. I‘d appreciate your light right now and I promise to shine it back on you very soon. 

In the meantime, our patio is full of warm, soft, filtered light, along with beautiful flowers and adorable hummingbirds. I hope you’ll plan to visit us to enjoy some relaxation during this lovely, green month of August!

Not worth it
Hope you can feel better soon. Perhaps the reason why you are sad is not, and has never been worth your sadness. Cheer up and continuo on with your life.
(September 18, 2015 ~ 3:03 PM)
By Anonymous