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Looking Back Over the Past 14 Years at TallGrass
02/25/2011 Gail Ridings
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Nancy Bible and I started our company with five team members. We hemorrhaged money for years, and worked 80 hours a week. We learned through trial and error and had our tense moments as business partners. But, from the beginning, I knew the path that had been shown to me was the right one.

Our company grew to 10 team members, then 22, 35, 48 and now a staff of 90. They are the people who taught me about caring – for one another and for our guests. They helped me learn about balance, about giving, about focusing on other people.

Nancy decided to leave TallGrass after almost two years. She’s now in Denver, happy in the city, and working as a successful realtor. We get together periodically to share lunch or dinner. Both of us agree, a partnership where you not only work together, but live in the same place (yes, we lived inside TallGrass, she for two years, me for four!), is very difficult. She talks about appreciating her time at TallGrass and I respond with gratitude for the role she played in its creation.

After four years, I purchased the older house next door. Moving day was wonderful – out of the middle of TallGrass and into a bit of privacy with just a 30 second commute to work.

Our business grew and we actually started to make a small profit after the fourth year. Location, timing (day spas were just beginning to become popular), an incredible team and wonderful advisors (including our Aveda distributor), helped us become a successful company. And, with the addition of our incredible Spa Director, Susie Siebert, I’ve been able to work less and focus on my personal life more. Yes, I actually married at age 50! Life is good.

Thinking about where I was 14 years ago and where I am now, recollecting the crazy characters, funny stories, not-so-funny stories, poignant times – and I promise to tell you about some of them in future blogs – I just feel so lucky to be here, now.

I’m wondering what makes you feel lucky, what adventure you have been on, and how you feel about being here and now. Please share your story.