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Lollipop Moments
03/01/2017 Gail Sharp

Despite my best intentions, I wound up having a few pity party moments last month. Unnecessary, unproductive and depressing, of course. Luckily, the spiritual discipline I’ve been working on for years kicked in and I was able to recall many inspirational, positive, constructive words from a variety of sources that put me back into happy-gratitude land again. 

Something in particular that came to mind was advice from a dear friend who said: “People are watching you all the time – your reactions, your words, your demeanor. You have no idea who you are influencing by the smallest things that you say or do, both negative and positive.” This reminded me of a video that TallGrass managers played recently at our staff meeting. It was a TED talk by Drew Dudley who described what he calls Lollipop Moments. I suggest you google this very cool explanation of the power we have to make someone’s life better by what we say or do, sometimes without even realizing it.   

So what if my glum mood was bringing someone else down? Was my little issue big enough to influence someone else? You bet! Small actions can have huge effects, like when a big smile from a total stranger at the right time turns your day around. We’ve all felt that. 

Back on track now, I’m thankful for friends and for my incredible TallGrass family – staff and guests – who support me through thick and thin. Hopefully, you will think about the fact that what you do can matter to people and I encourage you to create many Lollipop Moments!