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It's Hard to Believe TallGrass is Entering its 15th Year in Business
02/25/2011 Gail Ridings
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To say it’s been an amazing experience is an understatement. I have changed in so many ways.

I came to TallGrass with a corporate barracuda persona -- hard charging, demanding, driven with a sharp tongue and a big vocabulary of expletives not fit for children (or for a spa). And then I made contact with the team of amazing, nurturing, calm, centered, caregivers who dedicate their lives to helping others achieve that same balance.

Then, I was blessed to meet our lovely, gracious, appreciative guests. On top of that, add a small town community full of involved, caring, concerned people…who take time to care for one another, with less focus on power and money…who live here for the most part because of the lifestyle, not because of a paycheck. That also worked on me. Changed me.

All of this has helped me refigure my priorities and learn more balance. And, certainly, I’ve finally lost the need to use those expletives, especially when our traffic jams are likely due to a herd of elk crossing the road. I am blessed beyond measure with my lifestyle now. After 50 years of being single, I finally found my knight in shining armor and will celebrate five happy years of marriage in May. Who would have thunk that ANYONE would want to hang out with a barracuda??? Life is good.