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How Do You Handle Change?
04/16/2012 Gail Ridings
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We had to deal with change on a small scale with the weather in Evergreen these past three days when it went from a clear and sunny 80 degrees one day to a wintry 24 degrees and 12 inches of snow coming down two days later. Never a dull moment, but the moisture was very welcome—especially to douse the wildfire that was raging around Conifer last week. Seasons are a reminder that life moves on, events continue.  

My wonderful horse, Jet, a stunning black Foxtrotter had another health issue a couple of weeks ago. He’s been struggling with one thing after another for years. This time it couldn’t be fixed and we had to let him go. My husband and I are heartbroken.   

On a much brighter note, my dear friend, Shelly, had change for the good. She was able to come home after a month in the hospital getting a stem cell transplant. It’s serious stuff, but with her normally positive spirit, she is making the best of it and we are planning for her full recovery to good health. She’s been my BFF and hiking partner for over 10 years and we’ll be getting back on the trail ASAP.  

So, no matter what change you might encounter, I hope that you are weathering it well and taking things in stride. And, if you do feel unsettled, I know a great place where you can go for tender loving care and soothing treatments!