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Guess what I'm celebrating?
06/03/2016 Gail Ridings
gail and goats 1

Guess what I’m celebrating? Meet Willy and Bates, my two new, beyond adorable, 6-week-old miniature Nigerian goats! 

Many people have human kids. I just happen to have another kind! They are ushering in summer for me and my animal family and are the perfect way to jumpstart the fun of the lovely, warm, action-packed months ahead.  

I hope you, your family and friends are just as eager to celebrate this wonderful time of year!  Quite possibly, that will include a special time up here with us at TallGrass where it will be much more peaceful than in my barn with sweet – but loud – bleats of baby goats!


the 80's
Hi Gail- Freddie and I met for lunch yesterday at the PV Art show..we talked ALOT about the old days with you.. Your place looks fabulous... love your goats and dog....XOXOXO.
(June 06, 2016 ~ 10:10 AM)
By Egan Hasburgh