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09/09/2011 Gail Ridings
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I normally feel gratitude wash over me numerous times each day and believe that it helps me with everything in my life. However, these past few months have been incredibly difficult for the friends around me, making it difficult to feel grateful. Several close friends have had a recurrence of cancer. Our dear handyman at TallGrass suffered a stroke, another friend has slipped into devastating Alzheimer’s Disease, and another is suffering from extreme stress and exhaustion. For icing on the cake, our dog, Lilly, is rapidly declining – blind and extremely confused – and our big horse, Duke, has been repeatedly falling to his knees (not normal for horses!). I find myself at the “care and concern” aisle several times each week trying to help support everyone who is suffering. The feelings of sorrow and helplessness have overcome my usual gratitude.   


TallGrass is one of my refuges though. Watching happy, relaxed people enjoy massages, facials and other services helps to refill me. And, I learn so much from our talented therapists who give, give, give to their guests every day. I continue to send out my prayers and love to those enduring very tough issues. And, I hope that your friends and family are well and that gratitude is still on the top of your mind.