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Following Fashion Trends
09/04/2012 Gail Ridings
Blush Gail Headshot

Some women follow fashion trends in the style magazines with great passion. And, some love to shop ‘til they drop at the mall. While others – like me – get confused, overwhelmed and need help to avoid trying to adapt clothes best suited to a size 4, 23-year-old model or, worse yet, throw on something comfortable that would look better on my 83-year-old Aunt Cassie.

I’m blessed to work at TallGrass and have my friend and our boutique buyer, Marcia, help me feel beautiful in clothes she finds to sell at TallGrass. And, I’m lucky to know other fashion experts like my friend, Sylvia, who is a clothes stylist and who recently showed me how to update my look. And, of course, I do get some great advice from our makeup artists and hair stylists.  

Coming up in a few weeks is our 4th annual Transitions Hair and Fashion Trends Show. (Read more about it in our newsletter.) We’ll feature fashions that fit and flatter from local retailers and ultra-creative hairstyles, guaranteed to amaze you, on our TallGrass hair models. The show is a great way to get in the mood to think about fall fashions for those of you who don’t need any help and the rest of us who need a push in the right direction. Like me!