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Focus on Love
02/09/2013 Gail Ridings
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I’ve been blessed to be able to give and receive love from many people. Our team at TallGrass truly loves one another and our guests, too. They demonstrate it every day and it’s incredibly inspiring to me. My father, Ben, while not an outwardly mushy guy, has shown me his love constantly over the past 50+ years. For Christmas, he went to the trouble of having his really cool, old cowboy boots totally restored and made into a beautiful western purse for me. It was a creative, thoughtful and loving gift.

Most loving of all, my wonderful husband, Chuck, continues to teach me about love every single day. He is not only the handsomest man around, but he treats me like a queen, supporting me, taking care of me, believing in me, listening to me, laughing with me and just plain loving me. Ever patient, never critical, he’s there for me consistently and still has the time to help not only his friends and his clients (he’s a State Farm agent), but be the first to assist a total stranger in need. I waited a very long time to find my true love (I was in my fifties) so for those of you still looking, take heart. He or she is out there!

I’m hoping that you are finding love in all the right places this February – friends, family or romance. We’d love to show you our own TallGrass “love” the next time you come in for a visit.