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09/03/2016 Gail Ridings
relay for life

In August, a few of our TallGrass family members (pictured here) formed a team for the American Cancer Society’s local Relay for Life event. This walk around a track was new to us and we weren’t sure what to expect. The event took place at the local high school from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. and we collected pledges from friends and family to raise money to fight cancer. 

There was a survivor lap, a caregiver lap and a special luminaria lap which brought us all to tears. We put names on the luminarias in honor of loved ones who died from this terrible disease.  

Even though the event was very serious, we thought it was important to celebrate the lives that have been saved and the incredible research that has been done to help more and more people live through a cancer diagnosis. So, we used the opportunity to add a lighthearted touch by dressing in TallGrass skirts, wings, bandanas, and silly glasses to help us walk with purpose, gratitude and joy. Only one of us made it until 2:00 a.m. – take a bow, Jen Schapiro! Next year, we’ll bring a tent, more supplies and more people, and we will stay up all night to raise even more money. The night netted over $20,000 and we thank all of you who donated to help us! 

I hope you are able find your own purpose, gratitude and joy so that you can celebrate even in the midst of the most difficult times in your life.