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06/07/2012 Gail Ridings
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Even if change is positive, it can still cause stress. Marriage, pregnancy and retirement are usually wonderful life changes but they are listed as stressors on life change scales. One of the many reasons I think so many people enjoy coming to TallGrass is that life is moving so fast, and changing so rapidly, that time is needed to decompress and “stop the madness” even if it’s just for the afternoon! 

Here at TallGrass, we’re in the process of a change. Our incredible Spa Director, Susie Siebert, is stepping down to pursue a new direction in her life - more time with her dear husband, Rudi, and maybe a few less hours of work! We are very excited for Susie – she deserves this well-earned change. At the same time, we are devastated to lose an amazing manager and friend. After 11 years, Susie has been an integral part of our success.

Susie will not be leaving us suddenly and, true to her high integrity, she will be involved in hiring and training her replacement. This will be a process, so you will probably still see Susie for a few more weeks and possibly months as she transfers her responsibilities. It will be a bit scary, but exciting time, for both TallGrass and for Susie as we step into our new futures. Please join me in wishing Susie well and stay tuned to meet our new Director! 

Thank you as always for your loyal patronage and friendship!