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Change is constant
01/07/2017 Gail Sharp
skate the lake

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” - Maya Aneglou. 

As we all know – and often don’t like – change is constant. This past holiday season without my mother and father was certainly different for me. Fortunately, I made the choice to adjust my attitude and embrace change. And already, plans I had for the first week of the New Year changed when our “Skate the Lake” event on New Year’s Eve was canceled due to thin ice. Okay. Plan B. Go with the flow.  

The New Year is certain to bring more change. With our recent TallGrass strategic planning session, my team and I are doing our best to create a vision for change that promises pleasant surprises for you. We have a few things up our sleeves for 2017 that we’re sure you’ll enjoy! 

My hope is that your 2017 is a year full of health, happiness, love and prosperity. May all the changes that come be good ones. Or if not, I hope you’ll be willing to change your attitude!  

Happy New Year!