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Blessed to Live in Vacationland
08/06/2014 Gail Ridings
Gail and Chuck at Barn Party 2014

Almost everyone I know has gone on some type of vacation this summer. About this, my dear friend, Liz, recently sent an email to me: "Who needs to go on vacation? I don't need to get away from it all. I am perfectly happy here.” She read my mind. I couldn’t agree more. I’m lucky to live in a state where so many people come to see our incredible scenery, to bike, hike, ride, relax!  

Just this past weekend, we had a few friends over to our little ranchette for a summer barn party. What fun!  Henry, our too cute/adorably ugly dog, played for four hours with a 10-week-old Lab puppy, 20 kids played on our barn swing, we ate fried chicken, and we raced in wheelbarrows. Folks brought pot luck dishes and listened to live country music and we all laughed a lot. Is there a place on earth that’s more fun than your backyard with friends and family? I think not. 

I hope that you make time to squeeze in a few simple pleasures this summer (even if you do have a great trip planned elsewhere) because we are blessed to live in vacationland!